Shocking Truths 

Do you have a good understanding of oil?

There are many misconceptions and myths around oil. A typical example is “oil is bad for health; we should cut it down”. Did you know that this is untrue? Oil is essential in our daily diet. Our body needs it. To clarify, it is the GOOD oils that our body needs, we should include good oils in our meal but cut down or stop all the bad oils. To know more, click here.
Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the endless choices of cooking oils in the supermarket aisles? With so many options, it is difficult to decide on the best. Most likely, you would simply pick up any bottle with Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS) logo and off you go. Should you  limit your options only to those with the HCS logo? Did you know that some of the cooking oils may contain dangerous chemical substances, which could harm your health? Read on to find out more…