Camelina Oil

My Perfect Choice of Cooking Oil

It took me almost 2 years to find a good cooking oil that fulfils all my criteria (i.e. cold-pressed, high smoke point, nutritious and good taste). Camelina oil is the answer. Its high smoke point makes it versatile for different cooking techniques – steaming, stir frying, deep frying, even high temperature grilling. It’s also perfect for cold applications such as salad dressing and bread dipping. The taste is fresh and light with a pleasant aroma of camelina oil which adds flavour and depth to a plain dish.

I used to take fish oil capsules but they always give me fishy burps. Since Camelina oil is high in omega-3s, I replaced fish oil with one tablespoon of Camelina oil daily every morning. I can feel my health condition getting better and better.

If you are struggling to select a good cooking oil, camelina oil is your choice. I consider it the best cooking oil available in the market yet. Read on to find out more.