Are you using the cooking oils the way they were intended?

We all have our favourite cooking oils. Did you know that not all cooking oils are created alike and they are not interchangeable? Different oils have different smoke points, flavours, fatty acid profiles and suitably cooking methods. Hence, it is important to know the differences of one cooking oil from another. Here, we provide comprehensive and yet, simple-to read info on 14 most widely used cooking oil. Let’s find out more on the cooking oil you are using now!

Types of Cooking Oils

types of cooking oils: Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed Oil

types of cooking oils: olive oil

Olive Oil

types of cooking oils: coconut oil

Coconut Oil

types of cooking oils: peanut oil

Peanut Oil

Soybean Oil

Flaxseed Oil

Canola Oil

Corn Oil

Sunflower Oil

Rice Bran Oil

Sesame Oil

Palm Oil

Camellia Oil

Avocado Oil