Hi! I am so glad you’re here. I’m Olivia, a nutritionist with nearly 5 years’ experience in nutrition counselling. This blog is created with the desire to guide “home chefs” on making the right choice of cooking oils. Whether you’re exploring healthy cooking, searching for the healthiest oil for yourself and family, even your pet, or looking for the support of a nutritionist (who specialises in healthy eating), look no more, I’m here to share my passion and knowledge with you.

I chose to be a nutritionist simply because I love food. I enjoy eating, cooking and trying new recipes. I love local food – Char Kway Teow, Fried Carrot Cake, Bak Chor Mee, Chicken Rice, Satay.. I can’t resist them all! Once, I was so obsessed about these foods that I put on 10kg within 5 months!!! I felt so guilty, the oil must be the main culprit behind my horrendous weight gain.

In the following month, I totally omitted oil and fat in every single meal though I was still eating out. For foods which I thought were oily, I would “wash” them by dipping into water before I eat them. In 3 weeks, I managed to lose almost 3kg, but then, something unexpected happened… I experienced severe hair loss, fell sick so easily, and felt cold most of the time.

In this blog, I shared one section on the importance of oil, I hope nobody will make the same naïve mistake I did. I realised that eating fat in moderation won’t make you fat, but eating carbo will!

Now my lifestyle has changed completely. Despite my busy schedule, I make time to cook my meals. I minimise carbo (rice, noodles, bee hoon, bread, pau, etc.) and increase oil and protein consumption. I am very particular about the type of oil I use. I’ve researched and tried almost every single type of oil in the market. I found that every oil has its strengths, drawbacks and nutrient values. You should choose an oil based on your needs and cooking preference. Personally, I reject all the refined or chemically processed oils. I prefer something naturally and directly pressed from seeds or fruits, in other words, “cold-pressed” oils. Now I consider myself a health foodie. I improvise my favourite local foods into a healthier version with good cooking oils and more healthful ingredients, all without ruining the authentic taste.

Choosing a good cooking oil can be a mind-boggling affair, especially in this age of info overload, alarmism, and mixed messaging. My objective in bringing you “The Healthiest Cooking Oil” is to empower you to love your body, family (and pet), with the knowledge to choose the right oil that best suits all. When we satisfy our appetites with the right food and right oil, the fullness of our lives expands….

Ever Glowing Olivia